Twin Dragons Martail Arts teaching Shaolin Kung Fu, White Lotus Kenpo, Pai Yung Tai Chi, and Kickboxing. Twin Dragons Martial Arts Web Site supporting the White Dragon Warrior Society and the Twin Dragons Martial Arts School. This school is in the heritage of the Shaolin Temple, Great Grandmaster Daniel K. Pai, current Grandmaster Glenn C. Wilson, and (2nd degree black) Sifu Dennis Shain. We study and teach Pai Lum Kung Fu, White Lotus Kenpo, Pai Yung Tai Chi and San Shou (Chinese Kickboxing)....all four disciplines combined are called Pai Lum Tao, "Way of the White Dragon".

Location   Greendale Recreation Center                
                5680 S. Broad st               
                Greendale, WI 53129

Phone      414-248-8710

E-mail      twindrgn@sbcglobal.net